Video commerce
How can you quickly increase brand awareness and convert consumers into buyers?

Videos are the most effective way to showcase your product and brand in engaging ways.

Our video commerce feature offers a seamless experience for your customers that allows them to browse products; add them to the shopping cart; and checkout without ever leaving the video!
Create a next-level buying experience for your customers!
  1. Develop a customizable, branded experience
  2. Integrate with robust e-commerce shopping
  3. Pursue continued marketing and sales opportunities
  4. Gain valuable data and insight into customer behavior
  5. Build product awareness and customer loyalty
See for yourself how the NOW app has better video commerce capabilities!
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Customer Shopping
In today's market, customers expect an exceptional mobile shopping experience. We've created that for you in our Customer App!
  1. Fully customizable experience
  2. Fully integrated with robust e-commerce shopping
  3. Continued marketing and sales opportunities
  4. Data and insight to customer behavior
  5. Builds product awareness and customer loyalty
Featured Case Study
“The video commerce team partnered with us through the entire process of building our Truvy Shop mobile platform and continue to provide exceptional service and support as we grow together. Our direct sellers love the app! The team provides leading innovation and incredible customer service. They have truly partnered with us, and we are excited to continue our exceptional growth together.”
Travis Davis
Marketing Director, Truvy
Four months after launching the
e-commerce features, one client reported
Increase in customer acquisitions in the first month of implementation
Increase in overall revenue
Attributed to sales through the app in the first month of implementation
Case Studies
Want an easy, cost-effective way to help your distributors prospect successfully? Sampling allows customers the option to try before they buy, creating a casual and pressure-free brand introduction for new and seasoned distributors alike.

Simply put, it’s one of the most effective customer acquisition systems in the direct selling channel.
NOW provides a turnkey sampling solution to help companies create, launch, execute and maintain a sampling system.
  1. Send samples on demand
  2. Track orders
  3. Trigger follow-up campaigns
  4. Apply coupons, discounts and special offers
When it comes to sampling’s effectiveness, it’s a simple equation! Samples = Paying Customers
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Elevate your brand through a seamless, professional sampling transaction, right from the NOW platform!
  1. Introduce your products to interested prospects
  2. Obtain customer information for future marketing opportunities
  3. Build credibility for your products and brand
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Work from PHONE
It allows distributors to build a repeatable business and empowers them to truly Work from PHONE — on their own terms, on their own time!
It’s so streamlined distributors never have to physically touch samples or contend with the hassles of shipping it themselves.
Communicate and convert at a whole new level
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