Did Your 2022 eCommerce Sales Fall Flat? 

The NOW eCommerce tool answers the “Quick Commerce” call by reducing clicks, maintaining focus, and eliminating barriers in acquiring a new customer.

In a world where consumers can order products online and receive them the same day, a quick and easy buying experience is a MUST. Unfortunately for many direct selling companies, the options for fantastic eCommerce solutions that can support the (sometimes overly) complicated needs of the channel are limited. The result has been mediocre buying experiences and disappointing revenue results.  

The great news is that there is a solution. NOW Tech’s new eCommerce tools allow your company to offer your customers beautiful and concise product offers, while also allowing your company to be nimble and quickly adapt to shifts in promotions or consumer demands.  

NOW Commerce optimizes sales funnels to serve the right content and calls to action to your customer.  Distributors are already skilled at gaining awareness for their products via social media posts, recommendations, sporting their branded merch, and being brand ambassadors.  NOW Commerce supports Distributors by helping close the sale with a simplified, streamlined process but also gives them the space required to paint a clear picture for the customer. 

Customers have more online options than ever before, and companies are facing massive competition in the marketplace so don’t compete with yourself by overloading your shopping pages and promotional offers. To survive and thrive you need to have focus and a speedy sales funnel.  

Longer pages do better than shorter ones, particularly for expensive or difficult-to-explain products. Many successful companies are utilizing these long form landing pages. This approach also gives you a chance to address fears and overcome obstacles, so your customers feel confident about clicking the buy button. 

We are all looking to drive revenue and results this year so empower your distributors with the tools they need to get more sales with a targeted, effective pre-loaded cart for immediate check-out.

Tips for Maximizing Impact with Quick Commerce:  

Pick a Single Product

Many companies find that their eCommerce stores convert lower the more products they have on one page. Shoppers are more likely to browse when the page lacks clear focus or if products are unrelated. Picking a single product (your best seller is recommended) allows consumers to stay focused and get to the purchase with no distractions.

Multiple offers on a landing page reduce conversions by 266%.

Simplify Your Landing Page

Designing an ecommerce product page that engages and converts is critical. To shorten the sales funnel, pay close attention to navigation and customer experience so that you can create a more streamlined and personalized experience. Cluttered websites that feature products that don’t interest your customers result in shopping fatigue and abandoned carts. If a consumer can quickly identify their precise needs, the odds of converting that sale go up meaningfully.

A simple checkout process is 62% more likely to convert a high-quality sale.

Leverage Data to Create a Long-term Relationships

Sell first, follow up later. This concept is not new, however, it’s extremely surprising that very few companies are optimally using data to capture lost sales or to generate repeat customers. With data from NOW Commerce, you will have the ability to better understand your prospects with a real-time view into their activity.

68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel.

Start with a Plan

Just like that gym membership that’s worthless if you don’t use it, the same rings true for any technology product. Create a rollout plan and timeline to train your field on the various use-cases and power of this sales tool. Create deliberate online growth strategies to achieve long term-success. 

If you’re looking to empower and enable your Distributors, you must supply them with the tools they need to make them as successful as possible. To propel your eCommerce strategy forward, please reach out to the team at NOW Tech to make your customer purchasing easy and meet consumers’ high expectations around convenience, efficiency, and speed.  

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