Here’s How to Find Distributors Quickly and Avoid Common Issues

As an entrepreneur, you need all the tools you can get your hands on to grow your business. Finding distributors can help you take your business to the next level by building awareness and getting your products into various stores.

A distributor acts as a wholesaler, stocking various products and selling them to retailers. Retailers enjoy using distributors because they can quickly access a wide range of products rather than dealing with each product manufacturer individually.

Distributors also benefit manufacturers such as yourself. They can help you access a network of retailers. You can negotiate deals with distributors who will then get your products into multiple retail stores.

However, the process of finding the right distributor can be daunting. Here’s how to find distributors quickly and how NOW Tech can help you connect, communicate, and convert. 

Ways to Find Distributors

Where do you begin when figuring out how to find distributors? Here are some ways to find distributors easily.

  • Manufacturer contacts
  • Trade shows
  • Trade publications
  • Internet searches
  • Social media
  • Wholesale directories
  • Professional networks
  • B2B marketplaces

Common Issues

You want to find the best distributor for your product, so you need to do your homework beforehand and not make mistakes. Avoid these common issues:

  • Not getting specific. Don’t just do a generic search. Look for distributors who are familiar with your industry.
  • Wrong distributor size. When it comes to distributors, bigger is not always better. A large distributor may not give your business the attention it needs. 
  • Lack of expertise. Some distributors are not knowledgeable about specific areas. If you’re selling a niche product, you want a distributor familiar with these types of products.
  • Lack of sales and marketing capabilities. The right distributor should have a strong sales force and employ appropriate marketing strategies. Check the distributor’s capabilities for competence and results. 
  • Misaligned goals. Not all distributors are created equal. Find a distributor who fits your needs and shares the same values—one who can help you meet your goals. 

How NOW Tech Can Help

Want to streamline the distributor onboarding process? There’s an app for that! Through NOW Social, distributors can easily create and schedule content for social media. You can onboard, share, sample, and sell, all on one comprehensive platform. 

  • Onboard. The app allows you to have an instant line of communication with your distributors to help you succeed. 
  • Share. The sharing tool allows you to share your products and build your business. Develop your connections with social sharing!
  • Sample. Acquire more customers with sampling. Distributing samples leads to more conversions. 
  • Sell. NOW’s video commerce platform offers many features that make it easy to boost sales and acquire customers. 

Contact Us Today

Once you find the perfect distributors for your product, you need to keep them. NOW Tech can streamline the process and help you identify issues and trends. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you and help your business grow.