How the Right Platform Can Take Your Direct Selling Company to the Next Level

Direct sellers, distributors, and other network marketers all know how difficult it can be to convert their part-time endeavors into full-time entrepreneurship. It requires setting and then achieving lofty business goals, and plenty who dabble don’t realize at first how much work it takes to get where they want to go. 

Success in this type of business model requires large amounts of time and effort applied to manual processes to keep up a steady stream of sales. Or, at least, that’s how it used to be. Now, though, there are business process management tools professionals can use to automate tasks, reduce workload, and streamline the sales funnel.

But before you start cobbling together a suite of tools to meet your needs, it’s important to consider the power of integration. With disparate tools, you’ll often find yourself managing as many manual processes as you did before simply to keep all of the information current across all systems. 

Fortunately, NOW Tech is a premier business solutions consultant who has developed a platform that’s a single, seamless, simple solution to your business management problems.

Let’s talk about how we’ve integrated the four essential systems you need all into one platform. Then we’ll discuss platform features that bring big benefits to your distributors, which in turn, benefits your business.

The 4 Essential Systems of a Comprehensive Platform

NOW Tech has 35 years of industry experience working with hundreds of brands, so we know what works and what doesn’t (and have the data to prove it). 

Here are the four essential systems we know will help our clients strengthen their brand and achieve success:

  1. Onboarding: Automate engagement with new recruits, define a clear path for your distributors, and continually guide them through their journey to success.
  2. Sharing: Eliminate barriers, build relationships, create a community, and open up opportunities in a way that’s easily customized according to your branding.
  3. Sampling: Use automated sampling systems to win over and acquire new customers easily. It also includes instant checkout for immediate shopping satisfaction.
  4. Selling: Engage customers with an intuitive, beautiful shopping experience that drives sales and loyalty again and again. 

With these four essential systems combined in one comprehensive business solutions platform, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish, and how little effort it takes. 

Platform Features

A full-feature platform allows you to get a lot more done in a lot less time. Review how the following features do the work of building your business for you.

Connect with Prospects

When you master the art of prospecting, you engage in more meaningful ways—ways that gather more leads. 

NOW Tech’s platform demystifies the world of social media direct selling by simplifying, streamlining, and automatically sharing your most effective and current content. The NOW app maintains your media library with compliant images, videos, promotions, training, and more. 

You’ll also find it incredibly easy to:

  • Develop targeted lists
  • View interaction history
  • Provide direction to your distributors
  • Customize tools for your brand

Communicate Through Simplified Funnels

Who needs complicated marketing funnels? Certainly not you. The right system can work for you, with customized landing pages, product promotions, and automated email campaigns. The in-app communication tool offers a convenient and scalable way to speed up onboarding, communicate more seamlessly, and create an exciting, active community.

This feature benefits your business by building team engagement from the get-go. Onboarding through this channel establishes clear objectives and keeps motivation high throughout all stages of the distributor’s journey. As a bonus, connecting on an emotional level will inspire and promote activity, both for individuals, and for the whole team.

Coach with Smart Prompts

One of the harder aspects of business management is helping your distributors develop the selling behaviors that amplify their success. Luckily an instant, real-time line of communication can help a lot. By providing clear direction with customized smart prompts and notifications, you can coach your distributors by reinforcing the right activities that lead to victory. 

Real-time training is another amazing business process management tool. Why? Because it provides a quality onboarding experience, and allows for both immediate and continuous engagement. Interactive tutorials, two-way surveys, on-demand videos, and time-sensitive message delivery keep everyone excited, informed, and up to date.

Convert with Video Commerce

The quickest way to increase brand awareness and convert customers is through video. Videos showcase your brand and your products seamlessly and naturally. With the added e-commerce shopping integration, customers’ expectations of getting an exceptional mobile shopping experience can be met with ease.

NOW Tech’s video commerce tool allows customers to do all of the following without leaving the video behind:

  • Browse products
  • Add them to their shopping cart
  • Checkout

This user friendliness builds product awareness, provides a next-level buying experience, and establishes customer loyalty—all of which you need to be successful in today’s modern shopping environment. 

NOW Social for Micro-Influencers

For an award-winning business process management tool that helps you master social media as a distributor, NOW Social is where it’s at. It contains a number of features you’ll love because they are easy to use and bring quick results.

  • Corporate and distributor dashboards allow distributors freedom while still maintaining corporate control. This unique blend of functionalities enables the tool to be used throughout the organization, regardless of role.
  • Branded templates (over 200 of them) are professionally designed and approved for individuals to get creative while staying compliant with brand restrictions. Also, they save time, money, and marketing staff hours while still empowering your social media micro-influencers to have fun and capture customer attention.
  • The content scheduler preloads content and gives the option to upload personalized media while staying on brand. How? Through a simple content approval process for each distributor level or rank. 
  • Advanced analytics uses AI to gather data and decipher both corporate and distributor social content performance. This is done to leverage insights for making more profitable publishing decisions that maximize your social campaigns.

Contact NOW Tech

Our team of business solution consultants at NOW Tech is focused on providing your direct selling organization with the business management process tools and strategies it needs to deepen brand awareness, reach your target audiences, and grow businesses. Our custom-made solutions are the most comprehensive, customizable, and powerful customer acquisition and distributor activation tools for direct sellers worldwide.

Just think, in under six weeks, you can cost-effectively deploy the most innovative business process management tools contained within a single platform. Designed specifically for business management consultants, you’ll never turn back. 

NOW Tech can help your direct sales business grow, so get in touch with us and we’ll show you more!